Telok Kurau Primary School Near to The Navian Condo

Telok Kurau Primary School, Singapore, is a school dedicated to providing education that is all-rounded meant to bring out the best in each student. The school also offers a conducive and caring environment to its pupils. The quest of the school is to mold students to be life-long learners and for students to be value-cantered. In its vision, the school hopes to in achieving excellence.
If you’re considering bringing your child to this school, here are some of the school programs that the school offers;

Telok Kurau Primary School Near to The Navian Condo

Character and Citizenship Education
MOE Sexuality Education
Education and Career guidance
Roll-of-Honour & Catch Them Doing Right
Edusave Character Award
Alternative Assessment Mode
Student leadership
Character Development Programme
Overseas Trip
Talent Management
Telok Kurau Primary School has made strides in academic excellence, and it has been able to receive various awards. The rewards received indicate how well rounded the school is, for instance, the school received awards in school games, in academics, in environmental matters, and in charity works. The Navian Near Telok Kurau is also close to many other primary schools as well.

When all these sites are combined, The Navian covers a total area of approximately 24,909 square feet with a plot ratio of 1.4. The development is being undertaken by Roxy Pacific Holdings Limited. Upon completion, The Navian will be comprised of forty-eight residential units in two blocks standing six storeys tall. It has forty-eight residential car park lots and one handicap car park. The development is expected to be complete by the end of the year 2020.

The Navian Freehold Condo Roxy Homes

Besides being recognized for its various efforts, the school has also set aside events in which both pupils and parents can get involved in, for the greater good of the society. These events include;
· TKPS Walkathon 2017
· Total Defence Day
· CNY Celebrations
· Chin gay NE Show
Another thing that makes the school even more attractive is that it gives parents the opportunity to participate in their children’s activity to help them excel. The Telok Kurau Primary School has put in place certain procedures including;
· Learning festival
· Parents-teachers meeting
· English parents workshop
· Mathematics parents workshop

The Navian Jalan Eunos Home

Parents also get to access the updated school calendar, so that they can help their children prepare for regular assessments and examinations. Additionally, parents receive letters and notifications that matter to them such as meetings or when there is a change in policy or events. Further, the school also have an online portal, that parents and pupils can access to get information.
Besides good performance in academics, the school is also big on Aesthetics and dances. They participate in school competitions, which helps to nurture talent. Further, the school engages its pupils in clubs and societies which also contributes to nurture students and help them achieve their potential. Finally, the school also challenge their students to participate in games, to help them grow mentally and nurture those with talents in those areas.
It is always important for parents to find a school that offers pupils a well-rounded education system. Telok Kurau Primary School offers all that and an environment that is conducive and caring; parents should feel free to visit the school for more up close experience.

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